Take your shooting and defensive skills to the next level with SharpShooters.

Our team of certified instructors are all current or retired military or law enforcement officers and have 150 years of combined expertise. We specialize in the tactical mindset, because we live it!

Our training courses will develop and instill in you a level of confidence that will prepare you to handle any life-threatening situation. You will leave our facility feeling proficient in your knowledge and handling of any firearm.

Courses are conducted in either a classroom, a live range, or both. They are a cost-effective way to stay safe, whether you seek a concealed carry permit or simply want to protect your home and family. Our Instructors have the required certifications to conduct concealed carry courses in over 45 states. We are a ONE-STOP SHOP for your concealed carry permits. We prepare, fingerprint, copy and send all documentation required, and your permit is delivered to your residence.

Questions on South Carolina gun laws? If you are unfamiliar with concealed carry permits and other South Carolina gun laws, see our Frequently Asked Questions (LINK) to learn more.

Need more information?

Many of our classes require you to bring specific equipment and ammunition. If you have questions about a specific class, including the gear required for your training, call us at (864)292-5800.

Class size, deposits and cancellations:

Some of our classes are limited to 12 attendees. These spots fill quickly, so contact SharpShooters right away to sign up. A 50% non-refundable deposit is required to secure your position. If you need to cancel your scheduled class, please contact us within 24 hours of the class time.

Class Descriptions

For a full schedule of upcoming classes and events, see our calendar.

Concealed Weapons Permits

South Carolina Concealed Weapon Permit

This class is designed for someone who desires to carry a concealed weapon in the state of South Carolina and its reciprocal states. Our team of Certified Instructors will cover all aspects of the state mandated course. The course will consist of approximately seven hours of required classroom instruction. A 50 question written multiple-choice exam will be given at the end of the class and a 50 round qualification course will be conducted in the range. After successful completion, all required documents will be prepared and sent to the South Carolina State Law Enforcement Division. Your permits will arrive in the mail to your residence 90 days upon receipt by SLED. This class fills up quickly.  Pre-registration is required. It is recommended that individuals taking this course have some basic handgun shooting experience as this course is not designed to teach someone how to shoot.

You will need:

50 rounds of ammunition and your firearm; If you do not own a firearm and purchase SharpShooters ammunition, the gun rental is free.

  • A current SC driver’s license or other Government issued photo
  • Qualified non-resident clients must provide current property tax documentation found on the SLED web site

Cost: $125.00 ALL INCLUSIVE

South Carolina / Utah Combination

This course is designed to provide our clients the opportunity to obtain a South Carolina and Utah Concealed Weapons Course Certification in day. Our team of former law enforcement and certified instructors will cover the required classroom instruction in the legal regulations, the 50 question written test and 50 round weapon qualification course. All required documents will be sent to the States of Utah and South Carolina respectively, and your permits will be mailed directly to your residence. As of August 1, 2017, Utah increased their permit fee by $20.00. The course cost (with increase is listed below) and is all inclusive.

You will need:

  • 50 rounds of ammunition and your firearm; If you do not own a firearm and purchase SharpShooters ammunition, the gun rental is free.
  • A current South Carolina driver’s license or other Government issued photo ID
  • Qualified non-residents must provide current property tax documentation as found on the SLED web site

Cost: $220.00 ALL INCLUSIVE

Group Training

Church Safety Teams

In one year, 167 deadly force encounters resulting in death were recorded in places of worship nationwide. In only twelve incidences did law enforcement or patrons intervene. Our team of certified law enforcement and military experts have developed this Fast Action Safety Teams Training. Your team will benefit from our expert training in the legal and tactical response to any situation, whether a non-lethal response, deadly force, medical and critical incident management. The team will meet every other month and receive three hours of training. We will also visit your church and conduct on-site security during a service to assist you in your church protection needs. Cost: CALL FOR COST

Team Building

Our instructors will demonstrate and coach each of your staff members in the  art of precision shooting and personal self-defense. A combination of all our courses can be designed for your team-building event. Safety is the cornerstone of our business, and we ensure a professional and safe environment. Call for details and pricing. (864) 292-5800

Youth Training

Youth Training Camps

Sharpshooters Gun Club and Range offers training for youth interested in learning about the safe use of firearms from NRA certified instructors, coaches, and range safety officers.

Our qualified staff brings valuable experience from backgrounds in law enforcement, military and competitive shooting. Our instructors have a HEART TO TEACH YOUNG PEOPLE.

SC DNR Hunters Ed courses are taught on the third Saturday of each month. In addition, week-long summer day camps are available to 6th-12th grade boys and girls with a desire to be introduced to the safe handling and use of Rifles and Pistols.

Vital information is presented, taught, and demonstrated in order to give students an opportunity to gain hands-on experience with training aids and unloaded guns in a classroom setting before moving to our on-site range. Once the student can demonstrate the safe handling of an unloaded gun, they will begin shooting at targets on the range and qualify to earn their certification.

Certification is awarded after passing the official NRA Basic Rifle or Pistol Shooting Course that presents safety rules, shooting fundamentals, marksmanship skills and gun operation.

Middle and High School students completing the course are eligible to try out for the Marksmanship Team.

Our goal is to develop safe shooting enthusiasts for a lifetime of enjoyment.

Personal Training & Defense

Personal Instruction

This one-on-one training can be customized to fit any level of experience. For a full hour, your instructor will develop your personal training program to assist you in your gun handling abilities. The training; Eye/Ear protection; and targets are included in the price. There is an additional cost for ammunition (if needed). To ensure quality time with our clients, these classes are by appointment only. Cost: $50.00*for one person, $80.00 for two people


*A 50% non-refundable deposit is required at time of scheduling.

Ladies Personal Defense

This two-hour class covers the frightening aspects of an unexpected encounter. Participants will be taught techniques to escape, deter and, if needed, neutralize an assailant. The course is designed specifically for women and will be conducted in a classroom and range environment. The course is taught in three levels, from the basic to advanced techniques that law enforcement officers are taught to disengage and protect themselves from personal attack. Cost: $95.00


Presented in a classroom setting, this three hour course is designed to offer suggestions based on proven techniques to enable you to make your home as safe as possible from home invasions and / or burglaries. Topics covered will be:

Making your home a “hard” target, legal concerns on the use of force, ways to use the lay out of your home to your tactical advantage, interaction with Law Enforcement, etc…

Cost is $25.00 per person

Tactical Emergency Combat Care

This course is designed and instructed by former special operations and SWAT medics who will enhance your ability to provide trauma care to yourself and family. The class will be performance oriented and will enhance your knowledge of surviving life-threatening wounds. All equipment is provided; you just need a notebook and pen to take notes. This three-level course is approximately three hours in duration and is held quarterly. Cost: $95.00

Indoctrination to Tactical Courses

This 2 hour course is specifically designed to check the student’s working knowledge of firearms and ensure you, as an individual shooter, meet all requirements needed to progress to more advanced classes.  The knowledge and confidence our Instructors instill in this class will build as solid base for good shooting fundamentals that will last a lifetime.  This class is offered 2 times a month and must be completed before taking any of our tactical courses. Pre-registration is required.

Cost:  $65

What to bring:

  • Firearm
  • 100 rounds of ammunition
  • 2 magazines
  • Belt holster/tactical gear
  • Eye/ear protection

*All these items may be purchased or rented at SharpShooters

Tactical Carbine

This eight-hour, three-level course is designed specifically for close quarter environments and instructed by former special operations instructors. Each level must be successfully completed before moving to the next level. It teaches many of the basics, including clearing, neutralizing threats, failure drills, barricade shooting and turning movements. All techniques will be taught to current doctrine and standards. The course begins at SharpShooters Indoor Range; after lunch, clients will proceed to our private outdoor range. Only six clients will be trained at one time to allow for one-on-one mentoring. Pre-registration is required.

Rifle Requirements: AR 15 style with sights (iron or holographic)

  • Three magazines
  • Single or two/three point sling
  • Kit that will allow you to carry all magazines
  • 300 rounds of 556 or 223 ammunition

Pistol Requirements:

  • Level two holster
  • Two magazines with pouch
  • 100 rounds of ammunition

Cost: $150.00

Tactical Pistol

After completing the mandatory “Indoctrination to Tactical Courses”, the next step is this six-hour Tactical course designed specifically for close quarter environments both indoors and out; it is currently instructed by former members of US SOCOM. You will learn simple muscle memory techniques, such as point shooting, combat and tactical reloads and shooting around obstacles. The course begins at the Indoor facility and moves to a private outdoor range for shooting. It is conducted in three levels of training; each course must be successfully completed before moving to the next level. Pre-registration is required.

You will need:

  • A semi automatic pistol with at least two magazines 9mm or greater
  • Level II holster, and magazine pouch
  • 400 rounds of FMJ
  • Eye & Ear protection

Cost: $150.00

Precision Rifle Training

This two-day course is designed specifically for the beginner precision rifleman and will be conducted in classroom and range conditions. Instructed by verified former Scout Sniper instructors, it will involve basic skills and concentrate on accurate rifle manipulation and scope calculations based on ballistics, wind, elevation and range. The first day is held at the SharpShooters Facility; the second day is conducted on our private outdoor range. The course is broken down into three levels of training; you must successfully qualify with an 80% pass rate to move to the next level of training:

  • Level 1 – Clients engage targets out to 300 meters
  • Level 2 – Clients engage targets out to 600 meters
  • Level 3 – Clients engage targets out to 900 meters

Cost: $200.00

Private Events & Demo Days

In addition to CWP and personal training classes, SharpShooters is also a great option for private events. We are a popular choice for birthday parties, bachelor and bachelorette parties, and corporate team-building events. Our customers also enjoy regular demo days hosted by our suppliers, where they can see and try out the latest products and accessories.