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August 2014 -
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August 2014

Updates to the South Carolina Concealed Weapons Laws

By Laws

On February 11, 2014 the following laws pertaining to Concealed Weapons in South Carolina took effect.

  1. Persons with a valid CWP may carry a concealed weapon into an establishment licensed to sell alcohol for consumption on premise unless:
  2. The owner, holder of a lease interest, or operator of a business may prohibit the carrying of concealed weapons into the business by posting a “NO CONCEALABLE WEAPONS ALLOWED” sign in accordance with Section 23-31-235 of the S.C. Code of Laws.
  3. The owner, holder of a lease interest, or operator verbally asks anyone known to be carrying a concealed weapon not to carry the weapon; or asks a person carrying a concealed weapon to leave upon learning they are in possession of the weapon.
  4. The owner, holder of a lease interest, or operator of the property should notify the law enforcement agency of jurisdiction if there is a patron who is carrying a concealed weapon on property properly posted or refuses to comply with the request.
  5. CWP holders who lawfully carry a concealed weapon into an establishment that sells alcohol for on premise consumption may not consume alcohol (failure to comply may result in criminal charges and a five year revocation of a CWP).
  6. Concealed Weapon permits issued after February 11. 2014 will be valid for five years instead of four years.
  7. SLED will notify CWP holders at least 30 days prior to permit expiration.
  8. A CWP holder also may secure his/her weapon under a seat in a vehicle, or in any open or closed storage compartment within the vehicle’s passenger compartment (Section 16-23-90(9)(a) of the S.C. Code of Laws).  There is no change to the laws for those who do not have a CWP.
  9. Active duty military personnel (including National Guard and Reserve) are exempt from CWP training.  They may apply directly to SLED and must provide proof of active duty military service.
  10. The firearm proficiency portion of training no longer applies to the following individuals:
  11. Out-of-state retired law enforcement  officers or South Carolina retired law enforcement officers whose certification has expired (must submit proof of graduation from a federal or state academy that included firearms training as a graduation requirement).
  12. Retired / former military personnel who completed basic training (must provide DD215).

The above listed individuals must still complete training pertaining to information on the statutory and case law of this State relating to handguns and the Use of Deadly force in accordance with Section 23-31-210(a)(1)(i) of the S.C. Code of Laws  and successfully pass a written test provided by SLED.